Alllllllll righttttttttt, first at all, just want to tell you guys how I LOVE strong asian guys with single-edged eyelids and dimples and that was why I turn all non-asian boys off when I was twenty something.  (call me naive if you like!)

I thought that my asian fever would be a short term interest just like all the back street boys posters I used to collected, but I was so wrong...I mean, just take a look at my bf's photos and you'll realize what I'm talking about. I've answered some internet-friends for dozens times: No, my boyfriend is NOT a Korean nor Japanese, just a Taiwanese with a extremely asian look though he totally denied my opinion.

So, I guess you won't be too surprise to see my new hero Tim Kang.

tim kang_02.jpg 

Ahhh!!!! Isn't he HOT?

tim kang_01.jpg 

How I love his eyebrows! 

tim kang_03.jpg 

 This is definitely the best photo I've got in The Mentalist S.1, Cho is the man!

So that's it! I'm going to join the TIM KANG fansite, see you later... 

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